Player Registration Form

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Player Registration Form

To comply with TAS firearms legislations, all personal details must be completed and current photo identification must be presented and held by Revolution Paintball while player is on site.

Please enter your details clearly.

I herby acknowledge and understand that:
3. I am taking part in the activity of paintball (game) at Revolution Paintball.
4. I am not pregnant.
5. I have read and understood this document and agree to abide by the “Playing Rules & Regulations” and Revolution Paintballs “Terms & Conditions” as well as instructions and decisions of Revolution Paintball.
6. I am not under the influence of any alcohol and/or drugs.
7. The game is physically and mentally intense and may require extreme exertion to play.
8. The game can be dangerous if not played exactly in accordance with the rules.
9. Participation in the game may be hazardous and result in injury.
10. Revolution Paintball accepts no responsibility for personal injury and/or property lost or damaged during the course of the time at Revolution Paintball and that the vehicles are parked entirely at the owners risk.
11. Revolution Paintball shall not be responsible for such loss or damage, no matter why or how it occurs to any such goods left at the premises of the company.
12. I release and approve Revolution Paintball to use all images and footage, my name and likeness recorded on the day.
13. I herby release and forever discharge the company, its referees, employees, agents and contractors from any and all claims, suits, demands, expenses, costs and proceeedings of any nature while playing Paintball or at any time I am on site of Revolution Paintball.
Playing Rules and Regulations:
1. All players must complete and sign a waiver form and have photo identification.
2. All players between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age must have signed parental consent form and photo identification.
3. All players under the influence of alcohol and or drugs will not be allowed to play.
4. All players must abide by Revolution Paintball staff instructions on and off the Field.
Play Expulsion


1. If you threaten, or physically contact another player or staff member.
2. If you are intoxicated or under the influence of other substances.
3. If you are verbally offensive and unruly.
4. If you candalise, misuse or vandalise any equipment and or facilities.
Safety Requirements
1. Safety goggles must be worn at all times unless instructed by your referee.
2. Barre bags must be worn at all times outside of regular game play.
3. Do not shoot another player within 5 meters.
4. Do not bring paintball marker into designated safe zones.
5. Do not pick paintballs or any forgeign objects up from the ground and place into paintball marker.
6. Do not shoot any staff, operation vehicles or wildlife whilst inside the firing range.
7. Only approved safety equipment shall be used, all private safety gear must be submitted to Revolution Paintball management examination prior to use.
8. Players must observe all safety signs and obey.
9. No player shall fire upon another player at a range closer than five (5) meters.
10. No player shall deliberately shoot at anyone in the head or face areas not covered by a mast.
11. No player shall deliberately shoot whilst moving between gaming zones.
Game Rules
Rules of engagement are defined on the field prior to each game beginning. These rules vary depending on group size and ability – it is up to Revolution Paintball staff to determine specific game play on the day.
Revolution Paintball reserves the right to remove immediately from the game and field any person or group who in which the opinion of Revolution Paintball or its staff has breached any of these rules or is engaging in any behaviour which Revolution Paintball or its staff consider to be unacceptable or dangerous.
No agent, servant or representative of the business has the authority to alter, modify or waive any of the above conditions.
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