Our Venue

Revolution Paintball is the largest paintball field in the state! with 5 large playing fields, each with their own characteristics and challenges. Check out each field's individual profiles below, but beware, we are continually upgrading our courses, so there's always the chance of a surprise on the day!

Field 1

Field 1 is the first field we start all of our players on - new and experienced. This field consists of undulating mounds which provides you with a selection of cover points as your team progresses forward, but also challenges you with many open areas that leave you with no option but to push forward to victory!

Field 2

Field 2 or we like to call it our Woods Field! This field will get you down and dirty with all of our obstacles, hide outs and bunkers sitting low to the ground. Keep your head down and be sure to practise your commando crawls because this may be the only chance you have to win on this field!

Field 3

Field 3 is where things get exciting! A challenging course that will test you out in multiple terrains, especially with the moat running around the centre of the course. Be sure to use the bridges or you might find your-self in the drink! With vehicles, center towers and much more, this field provides a large array of possible vantage points for snipers to hide as well cunning methods of escape should you find yourself caught out.

Speedball Field

The Speedball Field is full on action packed and is used for our tournament days only. The field is made up of professional inflatable bunkers on Australia's best paintball terrain. Be sure to follow Tasmanian Paintball Tournaments to find out when our next tournament is!

Buck-Run / Birthday-Run / Boss-Run

As you can assume this "Run" serves a great purpose and is very unforgiving. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, you're destined to land plenty of shots on a helpless target when you venture into this zone. Don't worry, if you are celebrating a birthday and do not want to do the run - you can always nominate someone on your behalf as a "birthday present" Again, if this is your bucks or hens party! It's totally optional but if you can't handle peer pressure, we suggest you run!